Coffee Shop Stuff.

Title thanks to this gem of a video that I still quote on a regular basis.

10 reasons I’m convinced that coffee shops are the place to be.


1. No judgement for the amount of coffee you consume in the 4 hours you are there.

2. You’re not in your house and you’re not at your desk, but you’re still in a productive environment if you want it to be.

3. Coffee. Coffee everywhere. Coffee all the time.

4. It forces you to slow down, relax, and enjoy the company of others. Even if it’s just listening to the table next to you talk about the book they’re reading.

5. Mocha. Espresso. Latte. Coffee for all.

6. The heartbeat of life – relationships – beats here. People get together to share a drink, chat and talk about life. Coffee cultivates relationships.

7. People-watching, ya’ll.

8. Acceptable ambient noise-level for anything – homework, reading, talking, internet surfing.

9. Introverts can get much needed “alone” time to recharge, but still be in a “social” setting. Extroverts can be in a much needed “social” setting, but still have the ability to get work done.

10. Coffee.


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