Thoughts on this “Grown Up Life” Thing.

1. Making friends with zero pre-existing in the area is hard.
2. 7:00am is sleeping in. And it’s wonderful.
3. Dry shampoo, pepper spray? Same thing, right?
4. When does laundry fit in to this whole work + coaching + eating + sleeping thing?
5. Tires are shockingly expensive. Ouch.
6. “Any big plans for tonight?” “Netflix.” always the correct answer
7. Why are things like “Gotta go, my kitchen table is being delivered” coming out of my mouth?
8. One day, I get mistaken for a high schooler at work. The next, I don’t get carded when I’m buying drinks. I’m confused – do I look old or young for my age?!
9. “My kid [insert story here] this weekend” “Wow, cool. Netflix and I had some pretty great dates this weekend” – conversations with everyone at work
10. “You’re making me feel very old” – how do you respond to this?! Thanks? Sorry?
11. Accomplishment of the week: I only ate take-out 5 times in the last week! 50% improvement from last week.
12. “Wow. Kids these days” has escaped my mouth numerous times. Oops.


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